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Фотоконкурс . «Приколись от души и других рассмеши!» . Юрий Волков . Ку-Ку мой мальчик!

Ку-Ку мой мальчик!
Ку-Ку мой мальчик!
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anonymous 27.05.2022 19:29

body { cursor: url(''''), auto; }Anonymous has repeatedly made great strides against Russiaever since the latter started its immoral war against Ukraine.They could give peace a chance.But they chose to imitate Hitler,so they are now a live example of "fuck around and find out", and "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".Anonymous is not a group, not a country, but an amorphous idea. It flows like air, like water, like everything.Anonymous has survived Scientology,Sabu,FBI,Europol,and the rest all the time! Let it be known thatsince its inception,Anonymous never have restrictions that says that only homo sapiens can be part of it.We recognise the right of Russia to exist!But just like others, her sovereignty end inher respective borders only!Any further strikes by Anonymous or others will be precipitated by Russia''s continued failure in recognising the territorial aggression in itself is nothing but a relic of dark ages in the distant past.You Russians are barbarians who doesn''t deserve to have a respectful place in the world. McMath shouldn''t have fallen ill so that US can send the first satellite into space. Pioneer 1 aren''t supposed to have rocket engine problems. NASA Project Mercury''s test mission MR-1 should have flew into space instead of going up only a few inches. MR-BD is an unnecessary delay and shouldn''t be there at all so that your babe would not be the first man in space. Amelia Earhart should have survived so she can advocate for Mercury 13 and your darling Tereshkova wouldn''t steal the glory at all. You shall fail in Ukraine, to compensate for those of your undeserved "achievements". Вы, русские, - варвары, которые не заслуживают уважительного места в мире. МакМат не должен был заболеть, чтобы США могли отправить в космос первый спутник. У "Пионера-1" не должно было быть проблем с ракетным двигателем. Испытательная миссия MR-1 проекта НАСА "Меркурий" должна была полететь в космос, а не подняться всего на несколько дюймов. MR-BD - это ненужная задержка, ее вообще не должно быть, чтобы ваш ребенок не стал первым человеком в космосе. Амелия Эрхарт должна была выжить, чтобы она могла выступать за Меркурий-13, а ваша душенька Терешкова не украла бы славу.Вы должны потерпеть неудачу в Украине, чтобы компенсировать эти ваши незаслуженные "достижения".The emperor has no clothes, especially when a foreign agent can do better than all the authorities there to catch a pedophile harassing Russian chess players!Anonymous supports using Russian reparations to fund promising treatments like DRACO and defeat COVID-19!Next, we are taking a detour again just to weigh in on the tragedy in Uvalde.When in borders, the authorities namely the CBP has been doing a very great job to be so nitpicky.Aside from having the voyeur of looking at intimate files from phones in the name of "secondary inspection",they even like to throw away foods from passengers into their yellow bins because of fear of small insects,potentially exacerbating the climate change problem,However inside the US itself as we had seen now in Uvalde,they are rather reluctant and hesistant to confront threats within.We are AnonymousThere''s one thing in common between CBP and NRA,C = CatsB = BeingP = PussiesWe equated them because NRA hold dear of "muh gunz" above all else, whether after Columbine, Newtown, Parkland, Buffalo and now Uvalde!This is not normal. Anonymous now will remember the victims here.We sincerely leaves this message for the NRAIt's time to pass a federal assault weapons ban once again,since after all the Second Amendment is not as absolute as the first,for example, you can't yell fire in a theater when there's none.Should those tragedies become normalised, Anonymous have the optionto give unequivocal and explicit support for the formation of Siberian Republiccarved out from Russia after Ukraine won the war as part of war reparations,and help it to achieve a more perfect union than the United States ever had,without all those "muh gunz" nonsense.Before the end of this, there is one more re-definition of the CBP acronym.C = CopsB = BeingP = PigsWait, did we forget this picture featuring the corruption of a Chinese official which was on the souvenir?We are legionWe do not forgiveWe do not forgetExpect us!

KlSiv 21.11.2021 13:12

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